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You won’t hear many people say this, but I love my job. I honestly enjoy getting up each morning and working. Crazy, I know! As much as I love my job, I’ve seen changes over the years that bother me. This change isn’t just something at my job, but in the general work force as well. People that once understood our computer system suddenly can’t dress themselves correctly and are convinced it’s the computer systems fault. Ok, ok, that’s an exaggeration, but I do see less and less of an understanding. I shake my head when someone asks questions like why won’t this print and I have to explain they typed in the incorrect number. No matter how you slice it, that isn’t a system issue, that’s a user error. Over the years companies have added more options to automate the process for their users. We call it an advancement or progress. Simply saying press this button without explaining what the button does can cause issues down the road.

How often have you been told ‘because the church says so’ or perhaps ‘because the Bible says so’? No scripture given, no explanation, just because the Bible says. I know many people that feel that is explanation enough. Without ever getting the background and understanding you have no foundation to build on though. If you have no foundation how can you grow?

Progress is fine, but without the knowledge of why things are done progress can become a danger. Take a look at your daily walk with God. Do you read your Bible? Do you take time to learn and study? There are many people today that feel daily devotions are old fashioned. They feel we have progressed; since we are now under grace such time consuming actives like Bible study are no longer needed. Don’t believe me go down the book aisle at your local store and see how many 3 minute devotion books you find. Their relationship with God is just fine and they believe studying is outdated. God speaks directly to their hearts now, many say. They can fulfill their duty by going to church once a week and be done. This is never what God intended. Our progress has caused a danger to our souls. God wants to have a relationship with us.

Just as I see a trend in our companies to ignore our foundation I’m even more concerned that I see the same in the christian community. Bible study is not old fashioned. It’s a way we learn more of our Maker and grow closer to Him.

Spend just a few less minutes on your phone, watching tv, surfing the net, or some other activity and spend that extra few minutes with God. It’s worth it!