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If you aren’t a fan of what I say, you might want to just go ahead and stop reading now. I can almost guarantee many people will hate this post. I’m not talking they’ll disagree a bit. I mean beat red face, throwing a shoe, kicking the dog kind of angry. I’m going to use some words, that although Biblical, tend to get people all up in an uproar. If you don’t know, I’m sort of, kind of, well I’m obsessed with Genesis. I enjoy the history of the world, I enjoy hearing how God made Adam and Eve, I enjoy knowing my foundation.  Ready for the first word that’s going to annoy? Here goes, it’s theocracy. Theocracy meaning God ruled. Let’s say you are a photographer. Who does your work belong to? You or someone else that is only involved because they looked at your work? You as the photographer have the rights to the photograph. That’s just common sense, right? If I’m made by a Creator then He owns the rights and can make the rules and He did all the way back in Genesis. Some people think theocracy equates to church. If my life is God ruled, then God rules every area of my life. I can’t pick and choose what areas I give to Him.

Ready for the second word that is going to make some scream? Submission, yes I said it and it really isn’t a bad word. Does this word only apply to wives, nope, but that is one of the places it applies. If God rules my life, then He sets the standard for which I should live, that’s Theocracy, following Him and His standard. Moving when He says move and standing when He says stand. Since it is in His word, in order to live a life that is ruled by God, I must be submissive.

I’m going to do my best not to create a 15 page blog post! I have been working on Bible studies that I plan to add to the website and those may be lengthy, but I’ll try and keep this short. If I believe in Genesis, then I believe that God set all things in order. I believe we have those over us because He made it that way; He set the pattern. If I’m in my vehicle driving down the road speeding, and an officer catches me, he or she has the right to pull me over. If I’m at work, and my boss tells me to do something, he has that authority because he is over me. I have the right to not live in a certain area or to not work at a specific job. Do you know of anyone that has been fired or written up for insubordination? it’s just a fancy word for not being submissive. The world expects submissiveness, why is it when the word is used in a christian environment it suddenly becomes a curse word?

What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you,

which ye have of God, and ye are not your own?

1 Corinthians 6:19

Several years ago I was having a discussion with someone about marriage. I know, I know, here’s the part where I’m told, but you don’t understand because you’re not married. No, I’m not, but I still have the Bible that gives instructions. Anyway, while having this discussion, I said dude, look if your husband says don’t wear pink socks, don’t wear them. Of course I was met with lots of anger. Remarks like, but it’s my body, their my clothes, he’s a husband, not a dictator, he isn’t my boss, if I like pink socks who is he to tell me not to wear them. I replied, your husband. If my boss tells me I’m not allowed to wear shorts and flip flops to work I have some options, I can be submissive or look for another job. Did you notice wearing flip flops and shorts isn’t an option? Let’s change that slightly. Now my boss tells me that I’m not allowed to wear hot pink. Many people feel that is taking things a bit too far, but my options still don’t change. I can either follow the rules or look for another job. I realize some of you are thinking that is the stupidest thing you’ve ever heard. Many schools and jobs have uniforms and they are specific colors. Depending on your job, yes your boss can tell you what colors to wear. There are certainly exceptions, but I think most of us understand that and aren’t one bit rebellious about it.

Let’s change the narrative again, this time a husband tells his wife not to wear pink socks. All the sudden, almost everyone that seemed fine before is up in arms now. The officer, judge, teacher, principal, and so many others can instruct us, but the moment a person mentions a wife being submissive to her husband, the world cries foul. Where does this even make sense? If you married him, you at one time respected him. While it is easy to say well he changed. That’s possible, but did you as well? Do you still show him the respect he deserves. Do you honor him? Don’t worry, he has his own set of Biblical mandates to follow and in my opinion they are a bit harder. He is to love like Christ loved. If he doesn’t, please pray for him, but pray for you. Pray that you are able to show him the love and respect that Christ wants you to give to him. It’s so easy to say I’ll be praying for him, but it’s harder to say we are praying for ourselves. We don’t always like to pray for us because what if it isn’t all the other person’s fault and God is going to require me to change as well?

To the dismay of many, I have so much more to say on this topic. The good news is I’m done for now and will add a new post at a later time. I knew in advance many would not agree with me so I don’t expect lots of love in the comments. However, please leave your thoughts below.