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OK, so fall isn’t actually here for another day. Even then it’ll still be hot, but does that stop me from decorating everything in leaves and pumpkins? No! Every year the house is decorated different and you never know what will be where. Here’s a few decorations of my little world this fall.

Front Door/Porch Area

My mom got me the wreath last year for some ridiculously cheap price after Thanksgiving. Thanks, Mom!

The welcome letters came from Big Lot’s maybe, all I recall is they were on sale for next to nothing.

I’m not sure I love this, but it’s raining cats and dogs all weekend so at the moment it is staying and I’ll try and move it about when it’s dry. Right now I think it looks slightly awkward.


My oldest brother asked me where the pie was. I was informed if there are grateful hearts there must be pie. Umm, no brother, just no.

I plan to put mums in the owl, but haven’t made it to the store to get them yet.

Living Room

I’ve already changed the mantel 3 times. Taken things off, added new, and I still don’t think it’s quite right, but it’s getting there.


Bath Room

I know most people don’t put random tractors in their bathrooms, but I’m not normal.

More pumpkins

Dinning Room Table


Aren’t these little guys cute?!?! Yep, I got those after Thanksgiving for like 80 or 90% off the original price.


The leaves were literally thrown up there. I should go back and make them look less messy, but let’s be honest, that’s probably not happening.

 You never know what will be dangling from the milk can!

The pine cones were given to me by one of my great nephews several years ago. I asked him a few years ago if he cared if I spray painted them. He didn’t care so now they are various colors and I use them in some decoration or another almost all year long.




That’s certainly not everything, but there’s a taste of what my house looks like decorated for fall. Hope you enjoyed!