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Tis the season…for complaints? Since when did November become the time to be ungrateful? Recently I saw a post that the person wished they could skip Thanksgiving and go straight to Christmas. Yes, let’s skip being thankful and go straight to the holiday that people buy you things. Then let’s complain that we have to cook on that day. I’m confused, do you not eat the other days of the year? There are many people that feel this way, I’ve seen several articles regarding why we hate Thanksgiving. Dear authors of these articles, please don’t include me in your we, I like Thanksgiving. Let me share a few reasons Thanksgiving is bad in their opinions. They would rather go to the gym, the library, the store, or work. Apparently being at home is bad. So glad I missed that memo ’cause I’m a big homebody. The kids are out of school for two days. Umm, do these people even like their children? I’m a fat kid, ya’ll, I’m pretty sure I know what taste good, but these articles tell me turkey is gross and dry. My taste buds are pretty sure it taste delicious. I’m also convinced it’s only dry if you don’t know how to cook.

Then there are the complaints about family, so so many complaints about family. Do these people never see their family except at Thanksgiving? More importantly I want to know what kind of family do they have that a holiday is the only time your family is up in your business. I’ve never experienced this and it seems foreign to me. Wanna know a few of my favorite complaints I saw about Thanksgiving? Black Friday. Pretty sure Thanksgiving and Black Friday are two seperate days. Let’s not hate Thanksgiving because of a different day. The color scheme for Thanksgiving is ugly. So we love autumn colors until Thanksgiving day and then it’s tacky. Yes, that makes sense. Last but not least the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade and football. Boys and girls I have a solution, don’t watch it if you don’t like it. Are we so self absorbed that we hate Thanksgiving because we don’t like the Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade or because we have to go out of our way to see family? I saw a remark on social media that Thanksgiving frustrates the person because it is the one day Americans act like they are thankful, but they should be thankful everyday. We are blessed beyond measure and I agree we should be thankful each day. Just because Debbie Downer and Ungrateful Uncle aren’t thankful doesn’t mean I can’t be. Not always, but often it is females complaining about Thanksgiving because they have to slave away in the kitchen. It’s very simple, don’t make a ton of food and use paper plates. It doesn’t have to be picture perfect.¬† Make a normal dinner and enjoy time with your family. Often the guys are preparing the meals on the days that we barbeque ( think Memorial day and Independence day) and I don’t hear them complain that they are slaving outside in excessive heat in front of a grill to make us dinner. This year, to those that claim to be Christians can we be thankful on Thanksgiving and then let it continue? Praising God for another year, health, homes, family, friends, or whatever you have in your live to be thankful for. Knowing sometimes it isn’t going to be all rainbows and sunshine, it may be heartache that has made you stronger or wiser. It may be grief that has taught you a lesson, it may be a problem that drew you to God. Can we take this time to be an example to others? I know our lives are not perfect, but let’s start on Thanksgiving and learn to be thankful in all things.