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Walls, abortions, and tacos seem to be in my newsfeed on a daily lately regardless of the social media platform. In all honesty, tacos probably won’t be going anywhere soon and I’m ok with that! The other two will be changed to new hot topics soon enough. I typically don’t say too much about these sorts of topics. From time to time though people say things on social media that makes me cringe. While this post is not about walls or abortions, or tacos, it did start from one of those.


I saw a post about how as christians we should be Christ like. Yep – I agree 100%, no problems with that from me. I would love that, actually. Can we do just that? In the post the writer speaking of people she knows that have had abortions writes that they are wonderful people. They are funny, supportive, & kind. Let’s just stop here for a moment because I too know lots of people that have sinned. As in literally every person. Regardless of our opinion of them that has little to do with their soul. Sinners can be kind, loving, and supportive and there are many, many people that don’t serve God that are amazing individuals by earthly standards. Continuing on, I’m told that Christ would weep for the souls of these women that have had abortions and love them. Again, I’m on board. Christ doesn’t want anyone to perish. Then I’m told that Christ would comfort and pray for them. Again, no issues with that. My question is when does He tell them the truth? I don’t disagree with the entire post, I agree with much of it. When speaking about what Christ would do though and leaving out where He offers the truth to people, I stop agreeing.

Imagine with me, if you will, that Jesus is on earth today. While sitting at the local diner he strikes up a conversation with the waitress. Jesus asks her for water to drink. After a little more conversation Jesus asks her to bring her children to Him. She replies that she doesn’t have a child. He tells her that’s right she has 2 and has aborted them both. Does this sound at all like an account in the Bible? Here, let me help you out – the woman at the well in John 4. Obviously, Jesus wasn’t at a diner and they weren’t discussing children, instead it was her husband. Jesus didn’t just have compassion on her, He didn’t just weep, comfort, and pray with this woman. He told the woman at the well the truth, His truth. If He had left that out what was the point of the encounter at all?

I don’t plan to go up to anyone and say “So this is your sin, you should stop” I really do have some tact, believe it or not. I agree that Jesus is Love, His Word says so. I’m just not so sure that His definition of love and ours line up. I don’t believe that shaming a person is right. On the flip side, how can showing compassion without truth be right?