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I’m going to take a guess that you know what the famous Mona Lisa looks like. If not, please take a moment to go look it up. Do you have a clear image of what she looks like? Imagine if you will you are walking along the Louvre Museum and see the Mona Lisa. Regardless of if you consider yourself an art lover or not, there will be a sense of awe, this is the Mona Lisa, after all. You continue to stroll down the hall to see another famous work. It looks exactly like the Mona Lisa but is given the name The Last Supper. Confused, you move on to the next work and see the same image with yet another name, this continues until you have viewed all of the exhibits. At this point, if this were me viewing the exhibits, I’m not so sure I’d have such a sense of awe and appreciation for the art any longer. Just as Da Vinci didn’t recreate each piece to look exactly the same and simply rename them, God didn’t with His creation either. Do we have similar looks or characteristics? Absolutely, but no two people are the same. That’s basic information you learn in science class isn’t it? No two people have identical DNA or even fingerprints. When you stop and think about that for a moment you see just how big God is. There are approximately 7 billion people on earth right now and none of us are exactly the same. Now when you think of all the people that existed ever and still no one is the same – that is mind blowing!


For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them. Ephesians 2:10 

Have you ever thought that God is unique? What religions do you know of? They can be religions that you know very little about. Perhaps they are religions that the only reason you know their name is because a celebrity is or was a part of it. Go ahead and grab your journal and list the ones you know. Give yourself a little bit of space between each one and write what you know about their god, leader, or founder. Now on a separate page, write all about God. If you are anything like me you were able to list multiple religions, but knew very little other than their name. In some cases you may know a god’s name like Zeus, but know little besides that. I’ve found that many atheist are similar to me in that they know the most about Christianity. That in and of itself makes God unique, but take a look at your list and compare them. Do you see that God is unique? I serve a living God, a God that is everywhere all at once, I serve a God that knows me and created me. Compare that to other religions and you see God is unique. Since we are made in His image He made us the same. Grab your journal again and write down the things that make you unique.

Sometimes when we are asked how we are unique it goes into our heads and is somehow translated before it hits the brain. By the time it gets to the brain we have heard list the ways I’m strange or even wrong while everyone else around me is normal. We’ve allowed ourselves to believe that unique is bad. If we truly believe that God is unique, we’ll start to understand that unique isn’t a bad thing. The really exciting part about being unique that I don’t think people realize is that you aren’t alone in your uniqueness. There are times that we look at ourselves and think I am the only person that…. In reality you aren’t the only person, there are others. You may not know them, but they exist. God made you unique, not alone.

I am the Lord, and there is none else, there is no God beside me: I girded thee, though thou hast not known me: Isaiah 45:5 

When we say God we have lumped three distinct beings together: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost. Although they each are unique they have similarities with the other two. God did the same for us. He didn’t make you so different that you are a freak show to be stared at. He mixed pieces that work well together to create a person that is part of a larger plan. If you’ve ever put together a puzzle you know that sometimes the pieces look very different, some are almost black and others white and the shapes aren’t always the same. There are other pieces that look so similar, the color looks the same and even the shape is similar. That’s exactly how God made us,  there are others in this life that we seem to be so similar to and it’s night and day difference with others.

Remember your creator is unique, don’t be deceived into believing that your uniqueness is something to frown upon. It is one more way that we can see we were made in His image. In your prayer time this week ask God to help you see the uniqueness of you as something to be celebrated. Remember the page you wrote all about God on? Go back to that and see if you can find scriptures to back up what you wrote.