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My great nephew has been with me this summer and we’ve had a blast! This week we took a few days and rented an airbnb. When going there I went a way I wouldn’t normally go, but the gps said it was the fastest so we took it. On the way home I decided I’d come the same way. I get to the stop sign and without even really thinking I knew to turn right. There was no big sign that said which way to turn, no flashing lights, no billboard, I just knew. As soon as I turned though everything felt so very wrong. My brain said no, no this is the way, but everything else screamed find a place to turn around now, you don’t know where you’re going!!! I quickly looked at my sisters and asked if I turned the wrong way. Turns out from, time to time, my brain is right.

Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away. Matthew 24:35, Mark 13:31, Luke 21:33

Isn’t that how we are with Christ sometimes? We know what we are supposed to do and then we turn around and go based off our feelings? How many times do you recall in the last month or even week hearing someone say something feels right. Regardless of what they know to be truth they base their actions on feelings. Our feelings change moment to moment, but God’s truth is eternal. In three of the gospels it is recorded that His words will not pass away. Hebrews 13:8 tells us that Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever. I’ve never seen the Bible say that my feelings will not pass away or that my thoughts will not pass away. I’ve seen Isaiah 55:8-9 that says For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord. 9 For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts. He is consistent, me not so much. I was recently asked what is my favorite color. It should be a simple answer to a simple question. I was like um, well, it depends on the day of the week, I don’t really have a favorite, I have more of a favorite this week. One day it’s black and another it’s pink, another day it might be green or gray; it really just depends on my mood. My feelings continually change and I don’t see that being any other way any time soon. When I’m looking to move, buy a new car, decide the college to go to, or the job offer to take, I should probably consult with God and not my feelings. When I’m in a situation and a person has hurt me, angered me, or even loved me, I should consult with God. I understand that I should love the person, but how close should I be with the person?  Sometimes the consultation is extremely short because I know what His word says. It’s kind of like me turning, I just knew what direction to go. Once I turned all of the sudden every doubt came out at me. When we open our bag of feelings there isn’t a topic that isn’t included. We have feelings over everything from the church carpet color to what dishes we set on our dining room table and everything else, big and small. Let us be careful following our heart or our feelings. It’s a dangerous thing to be lead by.

Jeremiah 17:9 The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked