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This past Sunday during service we sang the song Are You Washed in the Blood. Towards the end of the song the song leader asked us to look at ourselves. Am I washed in the blood? In the soul cleansing blood of the Lamb? Are my garments spotless, are they white as snow? Trust me, I know I’m crazy for lots of reasons, but I’m not the only one that believes you should wash your clothes when they’re dirty. No one with any amount of pride wants to go around smelling and dirty. We take showers and we clean our clothes, it’s required to keep ourselves clean as we should be. Why then have so many decided that doing the same with our soul is bad? Conviction and examining ourselves have become things that christians have started to frown upon and even get defensive about. I’m saved, God has cleaned me of my sin, I’m fine! If we don’t examine ourselves daily then we allow things in that shouldn’t be there. A bit of resentment here, worldly pride there, jealousy, bitterness, and more. Just a little at a time, of course. We’re too smart to allow anything large to come in all at once. I wonder how often we allow pride to come in? I’m not talking about the kind of pride that makes you get up and shower and clean your clothes. I’m talking the kind of pride that makes you believe that your garments are already spotless so you need not examine yourself. The kind of pride that says I’m saved, I don’t need conviction. The kind of pride that keeps us from humbling ourselves before God and will ultimately keep us out of Heaven.

I think about being humble before God, realizing that He is far greater than I am. Recognizing that what He says is far more important than my opinions. Knowing that when His word tells me to examine myself daily it is imperative to my walk with Him that I do so. There are days, especially recently, that there has been additional examination on my part. I know I have to turn to God each day and in every situation. I also understand that there are situations that are hard for me to deal with and I have to go to God even more. I have to look at myself and not what others do. Maybe that’s easy enough for you, but it’s hard for me. Since we sang the line “are my garments spotless, are they white as snow?” I’ve been thinking even more about me and where I am. Am I striving for perfection or am I content where I stand currently? Being washed in the blood is obviously needed, but perfection is still God’s standard. If I fail to continually examine myself I’ll never reach perfection.