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I’m too much! There are days I’m more than I can handle so I know that no one else can. Some can only handle me in small doses, stretched out few and far between. Then there are a few brave ones can handle me at full strength. I get it, I’m more than some people can handle. I read a blog post a few weeks ago and man, I felt it. The author was talking about being too much for some people. I thought I could almost copy that word for word because what she wrote was so me. She talked about getting overly excited, being too loud, and talking too much. She went on to talk about being passionate and singing random songs. For me, that would be singing random songs at the worst times possible, because go big or go home, right!?! Obviously, I didn’t copy the post but I’ve thought a lot about it recently and guess what? Nothing changed, I’m still too much.

I’m the girl that busts out laughing at a family members wedding while the videographer is facing her way. I’m the girl that falls in a parking lot in front her crush. The girl that slips on ice and falls in front of the police officer who then stops to make sure everything is ok. I’m good officer, everything but my pride that is. I’m sort of a clutz and by sort of I mean I trip over air. I hurt myself a lot and more often than not it’s always in front of someone that I wish hadn’t seen. I’m the girl that’s posting on social media about my new skirt because it was only $2 and it has POCKETS, wooohooo! If I’m not posting about it I’m sending a picture to a family member showing them my new Star Wars t-shirt that was also on sale, socks that have donuts printed all over them, or some other random thing that most normal people don’t buy and if they did they buy it they wouldn’t get excited over it. Did I mention I’m basically a child in an adult body? I loudly sing weird songs that my nephew found off some strange youtube videos. If you randomly hear some crazy chic singing ‘beep, beep I’m a sheep. I said beep, beep I’m a sheep’,  ‘I’m a cow, I’m a cow, look at me, look at me’, or ‘nugget in a biscuit’ it’s probably me. Honestly, what other adult out there is singing them! If I’m not singing some goofy song, you’ll hear me singing loud and proud in the shower. It will probably be to a Dolly Parton song because everyone needs a little Dolly in their life. If I’m not singing then my guess is my mouth is running because between running my mouth and rolling my eyes my face gets all the exercise! For real, if you’ve caught me being silent, I’m probably thinking too hard and beginning to overthink something. I do that sometimes, ok, fine, a lot of times really. It’s what I do with everything, even for my job, I analyze. I tend to analyze everything and sometimes that leads to me over thinking.

Can I tell you something about my too much though? My too much includes me being “too loyal”. Hurt me and I’ll still be there to lend a hand or be the shoulder you cry on. I’ll forgive you over and over like the Bible instructs me to do. Before you ask, no it isn’t easy, but it’s a choice I make. The day that you need someone I’ll be first in line. I’ll be the one that does “too much” and goes overboard for your birthday, Christmas, Valentines day, or just a random Tuesday because you deserve to have someone outside of your family show you that they love you big. I’ll text or message “too much” because I want you to know I care. I’ll push, poke and prod “too often” because I want the best that God has for you and He has greater than you believe. I’ll preach at you “too frequently” because I want you to know God’s Word so you know where you are going wrong. I expect that you care enough about me that you do the same.

A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly: and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother. Proverbs 18:24

I may be too much, but I’ll be the girl that lets you get snot all over my shoulder because you needed to cry. I’ll be the girl that comes to your house at random hours because you need someone to pray with you. I’ll be the one that keeps my phone on and by my bed because I said if you need me, regardless of the time, call or text.  I’ll be the one making sure that you have your favorite drink or snack at a church fellowship. I’ll be the one listening quietly in the background so I know what you want for Christmas. I’ll be the one that says yes I’ll come help you and then I’ll show up on time. I’ll be the one that says the door is open anytime and mean it. I’ll be at the hospital without you asking me to be when your loved one was rushed there by ambulance. I’ll bring over food because you’ve had a long day and tomorrow doesn’t look any better. I’ll be the one praying for you and cheering you on.

Am I perfect? Haha! No, I’m far from it, but I like my particular brand of crazy and my too much. I may be too much for you and that’s ok, because I’m just right for God and the people that He has placed in my life.