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Here in the last chapter of Ruth we see Boaz go to the gate of the city. While this may not seem important, the city gate might as well be considered city hall and courthouse. The gate is where most important matters took place including business transactions, court, and public announcements. When reading the Bible and it speaks of people sitting at the gate or in this case, verse 1 of chapter 4 “Then went Boaz up to the gate” this isn’t a bunch of men going to the local pond with their fishing pole. This is where business is conducted which is why you often hear about the elders being there. Boaz goes to the gate to speak to the relative that is a closer relative to Naomi than he is and gives him the opportunity to buy the land. This man jumps on that. Extra land! Yea that sounds good. Then Boaz lets him know that in addition to the land he’ll have to take Ruth. While Ruth had been married she hadn’t had a child and she needed one to continue the name of her dead husband. Land was fantastic, but taking Ruth too. No, thanks! Boaz buys the land, marries Ruth, they have a child named Obed. That may not be a familiar name, but his son and grandson’s names you’ll recognize. Obed’s son is Jesse and Jesse’s son is David.

While we can see in chapters two and three the similarities between Jesus, our redeemer, and Boaz, I see it the most in chapter four. When reading the entire account of Ruth it’s easy to see that Boaz had feelings for Ruth. Since there was a kinsman nearer than Boaz, it was his responsibility to marry Ruth. Regardless of Boaz’s feelings for her he needed to allow the other man the option of buying the land and marrying Ruth. He took the ten elders with him, he had witnesses, verified all the witnesses saw what had taken place. Notice that regardless of what he was feeling in the moment he did what was right? Isn’t that just like our redeemer? There are times that the Bible says God was repented, but He always does what is right regardless of what He is feeling. Yes, God feels, we have feelings because He does.

Then there’s Naomi, I told you earlier that Ruth’s story is also about Naomi’s redemption. Naomi who has said that God hath dealt bitterly with her becomes the grandmother of Obed. It doesn’t matter what your current situation is. It is only a chapter of your life not the entire story. Many of us know the account of Job and how God restored the things he previously had. God is in the restoration business; He wants to restore us to Him. Jesus is our redeemer! We are so close to Christmas and I know many are busy with decorating, parties, plays, shopping, and more. In the hussle of the season let us focus on our redeemer and His birth this season.


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